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Wäschekorb fahrbar lila Mobile laundry basket with insert
No more need to transport the laundry! - This mobile laundry basket with insert is both unique and practical. Large laundry items go in the large container, while small items (e.g. socks, underwear or even clothes pegs) find room in the...
From €28.76 * €30.70 * single unit price
Geschirrabtropfkorb Dish drainer basket
Offers plenty of space for your dishes, e.g. up to 18 plates side by side and 1 cutlery compartment. Material: plastic Weight: approx. 480g Colour: light blue Dimensions: Height: approx. 10 cm Width: approx. 35 cm Length: approx. 46 cm
€4.89 *
Wäschekorb in grün Plastic laundry basket 22 l
Material: plastic Colours : blue, green Capacity : 22 litres Outside dimensions : 30cm x 42cm (HxØ)
From €7.49 * €8.35 * single unit price
Wäschekorb 40 Liter rosa Plastic laundry basket 40 l
Material : plastic Colours: blue, green, pink Capacity : 40 litres External dimensions : Height: approx. 45 cm Width: approx. 42 cm Length: approx. 42 cm
From €8.45 * €9.16 * single unit price
Steckregal Coloured plastic shelf
Can be assembled and disassembled in one minute without tools. The load capacity of the individual compartments is 15 kg each, so the entire shelf can hold up to 60 kg. Material : plastic Dimensions : Height: approx. 100 cm Width:...
€18.49 *
Wäschekorb 18 Liter grün Plastic laundry basket 18 l
Material: plastic Colours : blue, green Capacity : 18 litres External dimensions : Height: approx. 26 cm Width: approx. 39 cm Length: approx. 39 cm
From €6.47 * €7.54 * single unit price